ROAR Registration 2019

Dates: ROAR- July 8 - 12

Time: M - Th 6:15-8:45p.m.
Closing Program @ 7:00pm on Friday

Grades: Entering K-6th grade



* VBS Snack Policy *

Please review the following guidelines concerning MBC's snack policy for VBS. When you register your child/ren, you will need to mark that you read the policy. Safety of the children entrusted to our care is our number one concern.

If a child's allergies are noted on the registration card and one of the snacks contains any of the allergens, we will not provide that child with the evening snack. A list of all snacks and the basic ingredients (graham cracker, fruit snacks, vanilla pudding, ect.) for the snack will be provided at the time of pre registration.

There will be no special snacks made. All snacks will be made with the items listed, but brands may vary throughout the evening. If there are many different brands of fruit snacks that we are serving, there is no guarantee that your child will receive a specific brand. The snack crew is making one big lot of snacks each night with no variations.

If parents choose to have their child not partake in a particular snack choice (as noted when they pre register), it is their responsibility to provide a snack for their child/ren.

If a child brings in a snack, there will be a bin at the registration table for them to place the snack inside. Please make sure the child's name is clearly written on the snack along with their crew number. The bin will then be taken to the snack crew during the opening and distributed to the child when they arrive for snack. There will be a snack bin for each time slot. (ex. Bin 1 Crew #'s 1-7)

If a child forgets their snack, or registers Monday evening and was not aware of the new policy, there will be a limited amount of allergy friendly pre-packaged snacks available. This will not continue every night, just on the first night of the child's attendance since the parent will need to sign off on the policy. If a parent does not allow their child to eat a specific snack, it is their responsibility to provide a snack for their child to eat.

If a child has severe allergies and may not eat at the same table as their crew (because of what their crew is eating), they may eat at a designated area with a cleaned off table and one of their crew leaders will join them.

Drinks- The parent will need to ok that the child is allowed to drink whatever juice we have available, otherwise they will be provided with water.

A list of all allergies will be given the child's crew leader and snack room workers just like the previous years.

*If you have any questions, please ask*

SNACK INGREDIENTS for the week can be obtained by calling the church office.

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