Summer Electives 2017

Over the summer months (June-August), MBC's regular adult Sunday school classes take a break temporarily as we offer a variety of 12-week elective classes. The following is a list of the electives offered this summer:

A Biblical View of the Church (Pastor Steve)
If you are interested in pursuing church membership at MBC or are new to our church and would like to find out more about us, this is the class for you.

Get Wisdom: A Study in Proverbs 1-9 (Ron Risser)
Solomon opens this book with what is essentially a letter to his son. In these chapters, we see a Father's passion to disciple his son and, by extension, each of us. The basic message is "get wisdom, get understanding." Solomon compiles for us thoughts to renew our minds and challenge the way we think about life. Wisdom calls us to follow because her ways are pleasing to God and eternal. We will develop the basic principles of wisdom that are outlined in these nine chapters.

Knowing About God or Knowing God (Art Hart)
It is rather evident to most, I believe, that it is more important to know God rather than just knowing about God. However, the sad fact is that many who know God know very little about Him. The more we know about Him the more we value our relationship with Him and the more response of worship and praise flows from our hearts. In this study our purpose is to learn more about the attributes of God, i.e., what God has been pleased to reveal about Himself. Notice the last statement. Since God is infinite it is impossible for the finite mind to understand all there is to know about Him but He is pleased to reveal certain things about Himself that cause us to appreciate more fully who He is and what He has done. Such a study should forever change our lives and result in our being to the praise of His glory.

Living Proof Evangelism (Dr. John Hoover)
This class will equip participants to proclaim the Good News in word and deed where they live, work and play. The format of the class will include video dramas and small-group discussions. The topics that will be presented include how to build relationships with non-Christians, model the Christian message in everyday life, and present the Bible's teaching in a non-threatening manner.

Getting Beyond the Straw Man (Steve Scheidt & Joel Henry)
It's easy to reject people's beliefs if you think they're stupid. Problem is: you may not understand what they actually believe and why. Challenge yourself as we interactively wrestle with and reconsider what you think you know about atheism, creation, science, morality, the Bible and more--while developing perspectives of grace, peace, unity and wisdom. Let the wrestling match begin!

Marks of a Godly Man (Pastor Eric)
What does it mean to be a Christian man in today's world? Too often, men today are willing to accept and adapt to the cultural norms reflected in the men they interact with, read about or see promoted as the typical male. Using Scriptural wisdom as our foundation we will seek practical application for living out God's mandate for the Christian man. We will cover topics such as purity, self-discipline, habits, prayer, devotions, integrity, leadership, ministry, and much more.

Becoming the Worshipper God Seeks (Pastor Todd)
In this elective we will begin by defining worship, as described in Scripture. We will look at Biblical examples and instructions regarding worship. In addition, we will seek to examine our own personal practices of worship, with a view to growing individually and corporately. Participants will be provided with on-line resources. The level of commitment in this elective will be determined by the interest and availability of the participant.

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