Summer Electives 2019

Over the summer months (June-August), MBC's regular adult Sunday school classes take a break temporarily as we offer a variety of 12-week elective classes. The following is a list of the electives offered this summer:

Conqueror Video Series (Men Only) - Led by Pastor Eric
The main purpose is to train men for Biblical manhood. Dr. Ted Roberts' real and raw approach is unique. He takes us through a journey of discovery, laying out spiritual strategies, presenting scientific facts and, in military style, teaching men how to use the weapons God has given them to prevail against the enemy of their souls. The video series deals with the issues men struggle with most. His message is bold and direct, but also gracious and loving. This series will inspire us to keep fighting and remind us that any man can become more than a conqueror through Christ, regardless of how many times he's failed.

For Women by Women (Led by Kathy Hoover & Team)
Calling all women - God's Truth for women of all ages delivered in intergenerational, relationship-building ways. It's our hope to bring special encouragement to our youngest members. Topics include: Spirit-filled transformation, Handling emotions God's way, humility, forgiveness, sexuality & Biblical femininity." The goal of this elective is to provide a relaxed & open atmosphere along with opportunities for women of all ages to get to know each other as well as to be known & loved.

Life on Life Evangelism at the YIC Shelter (Led by Todd Stewart)
This elective is designed to serve and minister to the foster teens of the Youth Intervention Center Shelter. During this elective, we will have teams go into the shelter from 10:00-11:45 each Sunday morning to do youth group style activities with the teens. There will be many opportunities to share testimonies, share the Gospel, build relationships and study the Gospel of John together with the teens and staff. Because of YIC rules, this elective is open to participants 18 and up. Participants may not be still attending high school and will need to have their clearances. There will be an informational meeting about this elective on May 26th during the second service in the Fellowship Room.

Romans - God's Righteousness Revealed (Led by: Art Hart and Ron Risser)
"Romans!. . . contains some of the deepest theological truths in all of God's Word. If we get even a glimmer of their majesty, we will join Paul on our faces, exclaiming, "Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how fathomless his ways" (Steven J. Cole)! Our purpose in these lessons is to help gain some understanding of the purposes of God, His sovereignty, righteousness, holiness, love, grace, mercy as revealed in the Gospel. Paul's letter to the Romans opens up the truths of salvation in all its aspects, e.g., deliverance, justification, sanctification, glorification, redemption,
propitiation, substitution, etc. New believers and old can profit greatly from this study. Paul's treatise on the Gospel of God is unparalleled in Scripture and a sincere approach to its study will produce lasting blessing and results.

Strengthening your Marriage (Led by Pastor Todd & Kris McAllister)
This elective will be following Wayne Mack's workbook, which digs into the relevant Biblical passages regarding marriage. This particular manual has been designed as a tool for developing true unity in the marriage relationship. The format will be a mixture of lecture and discussion based upon discoveries that have been made through interaction with the text and the Scriptures. This course can be of benefit for people of all ages and stages of life, not only personally but also in being trained to help mentor others.

Thirteen Triads of Truth (The Book of Jude) - Led by Abe Rodkey
The beginning of the church age is described in the Acts of the Apostles. The ending of the church age is described for us in the Book of Jude. Jude relates the deeds and teachings of evil men who will be living upon the earth as the history of the professing church comes to an end. This study will provide a fresh awakening to the fact that it is later than we think and we should pray and work harder before the terrible "Day of the Lord" should come.

What Does the Bible Teach About the Church? (Led by: Pastor Steve)
If you are interested in pursuing church membership at MBC or are new to our church and would like to find out more about us, this is the class for you.

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